10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

I don't know about you, but we're over here buying presents for our pups every month of the year - birthdays, half birthdays, gotcha days, 'Congrats on learning a new skill' days or those 'just because' times. We find an excuse for everything.

So when the festive season rolls around, it's just an excuse for us to extend that gift-giving to our friends and family, ensuring every present is dog or animal themed. They love the extra thought that goes into their gifts and we love giving something that isn't just another kitchen appliance or new technology to play with for a couple of days and takes up space on your bench.

We spend almost the full year coming up with unique gift ideas for the animal lovers in our lives, so this year, we're bringing the list to you so that you, too, can wow your friends and family with your thoughtfulness. 


The Paw Print Pendant

A fine necklace engraved with a mini scale version of your dog's actual paw print? Yes please. It has multiple chain options and three different choices of metals, from dejamarc.com 


DNA Jewellery

Sometimes reserved for those who have lost a pet, but we think it's a beautiful personalised gift for every pet parent to keep their fur-babies close. Choose everything from your style - a ring, bracelet, cufflinks, necklace, earrings - then choose your background colour, a shimmer colour and the contents of your piece (we're going with a tiny piece of our dog's fur) and the team will get to work at creating your one-of-a-kind momento, from lunaandmejewellery.com


Baby Onesie

Can you think of anything cuter than a family photo of your new baby and it's protectors? Nope - us either! And this one has lots of personalisation options! Choose up to 3 dogs to feature on your bub's onesie, select their breed character from a list of 109 options and add their names, from callie.com

Matching XMAS Socks & Pet Bandana

We might be biased about this one, but it's the perfect KK Gift or small meaningful way to match with your pups for those all important family Christmas photos. They come in 3 different print options and those socks are luxuriously soft bamboo that will keep your feet thanking you long past the festive season.
Get yours here


Legend Plushie

This is one for the animal lovers. Gifts that 'do good' for the world are good for the soul, and these Legend Plushies tick every box. They're cute, come in a sweet little gift box and help save orphaned or endangered animals. Scan the QR code on their ear to read about the particular animal you're helping to save. We've got the elephant, but you can also choose the Sea Turtle or Panda, from followyourlegend.com

Personalised Stuffed Pet

Does it get any cuter than a stuffed version of your own pet?! This brand is one of the best we've seen. They make each petsie based on an exact replica of your own pet, right down to the last lock of fur, feather or fin! Yep - they'll do every kind of animal and every unique feature, including missing eyes, legs, additions of wheelchairs - everything! Get yours from mypetsies.com

Custom door mat

Such a good, easy gift for any dog lover. Need we say more? Personalise yours via the many sellers on Etsy or grab this one at your local pillowtalk.com.au

Dog Parent Bum Bag

The ultimate gift for any dog parent, or human parent, or anyone about to travel the world. This bum bag (or fanny pack for our Northern Hemisphere folks) has all the pockets you'll ever need for every type of valuable. It keeps your poop bags seperate and easily accessible from the front, can fit a regular sized drink bottle, a tennis ball or toy, treats, keys and even has a carabiner designed to attach your matching dog lead for hands-free walking. They come in 4 stylish prints and are so cute, we have trouble choosing a favourite! Choose yours from here

Kitchen Utensils

Stop it. Are you kidding me with this cuteness? Don't mind us while we measure ALL THE THINGS with our new measuring spoons in the shape of a sausage dog. These also come in measuring cups and options for cat lovers too, from amazon.com.au

Personalised 2023 Calendar

If you weren't born with that 'design' skill, never fear. Now it's super easy to create a custom calendar with the online drag & drop tool. Start with one of the templates, upload your photos and have your printed 2023 calendar within a week! Such a cute KK idea - just copy all the photos from your gift recipient's Instagram page and drop them in to their very own calendar, from vistaprint.com.au

What will you be gifting the animal lovers in your life this Christmas? 

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