Dog XMAS Stockings: What's in Ours?

It's the age old question - what do you get for someone (or somepup) that has everything they want already? Well! We can't know for certain what the big man himself plans to fill the PUPSTYLE Doggo's stockings with this year, but we did get a little hint from the elves at the North Pole about what Santa Paws has planned for them. So here's a little sneak peek at what we *might* find in Pippa and Bowie's stockings on Christmas morning...

1. Our little miss ball-obsessed babe is going to have all of her wildest dreams come true when she finds herself an iFetch automatic ball thrower! We're hoping Santa Paws brings us the regular iFetch that throws mini tennis balls - perfect for our little doggos with mini sized mouths! And we're especially excited to see our little smarty pants learn how to put the ball in the top of the launcher herself - 2 in 1 brain training plus exercise at once? Sold!

2. Of course, no stocking is complete without some new clothes, so both doggos will be receiving their XMAS day outfits just to make sure they're the cutest doggos in the fam. Bowie has asked for the Rebel Without A Claus Bandana and Pippa would like the Seasons Treatings Bow Tie. Luckily, the Mama has already organised this one to help Santa Paws out so we can count on the PUPSTYLE pups to look very fetching for festivities!

3. Our little smarty pants man, Bowie, will think all his Christmas's have come at once when he finds a Nina Ottoson brain training treat puzzle in his stocking, maybe even pre-filled with treats! He's crossing all his paws that he gets the Level 2 Dog Tornado puzzle that he's secretly hoping to master very quickly so that he can move on up in treat puzzle world to a Level 3!

4. And last but certainly not least, both doggos are due for a new PUPSTYLE walking set as they're still using their original Blessed and Marble Luxe sets from way back (hashtag quality!). On Bowie's wishlist is the Emerald Envy set with the matching harness, lead, collar and accessories in the classiest houndstooth print with deep green accents - incidentally his favourite colour! Pippa is pining for the new Houndbury set in creamy plaid and deep red to channel her inner 90's rom-com loving self in the hopes she might land herself a screen debut too!

And that's about as spoilt as the doggos will be this year! Aside from some homemade bone broth icy-poles and Christmas dog biscuits that the Mama will bake for them, this wishlist should have them looking their doggone best and having the time of their lives until next year!

What are you hoping that Santa Paws puts in your stocking this year?

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