MUST WATCH: Our Fave Doggo Dog-umentary


When our humans leave us on our own, some of us at PUPSTYLE HQ find the toilet rolls, others seek out the dirty laundry and then theres a few of us who find a comfy spot in front of the TV and find something to watch on Netflix. Usually, the end result is always a cozy nap, but this one time, we found a show so interesting that we had all the pups at HQ abandoning their treasures and coming to sit in front of the TV for the entire show.

Before we tell you what it is, you must know that we are not forcing any opinions onto you apart from the one we have about loving this show. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

Okay Puppers, go to your wardrobe and put on your comfiest date-night outfit, then grab your TV remote right this second and search Netflix for Pet Fooled. If it's not available on your Netfilx account, you can find the full 1 hour feature film on Youtube. We’ve done our research and it’s available worldwide for all our international furiends. 

Pet Fooled is a documentary that looks deeper into the ingredients that goes into our dog food and the way some ‘premium’ foods are processed that makes them not-so-premium. Not only does it look at the ingredients and the processes, but one of the most surprising topics they covered was the regulations in the Pet Food industry – who came up with the regulations and who ensures companies follow them will 100% surprise you!

After seeing this show, and doing some more research to confirm our newfound findings, we made our humans change from the ‘super premium’ food they were giving us to a completely different diet. If you watch it, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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