Our 5 Favourite Quick & Easy Healthy Dog Snacks to Keep you Looking and Feeling your Best

When your humans are on the run and need to distract you with a treat so that they can close the door and leave, us pups would appreciate it so much more if they gave us some healthy dog snacks to keep us feeling stylish both inside and out. There’s nothing worse than growing out of your favourite harness sideways, so we’ve listed our 5 favourite snacks that lets them run out the door quickly but keeps us happy.

1. Carrot sticks

You can’t get much quicker or easier than this. When we’re really time poor, we ask our humans to cut a carrot in half and ‘throw it out for the dogs’ as they say. Not only is it slightly sweet which = Uber delicious for us, but the fact we have to gnaw on it means we’re cleaning our teeth at the same time. Best part is, you can give them to us straight from the freezer on hot days so it keeps us cool and we stay busier for longer!

2. Natural yoghurt

Yoghurt does the same thing for dogs as it does for humans. It’s loaded with prebiotics and probiotics so is a great mini snack for any pups transitioning their food or who’s had an upset tummy, plus, we love it! Make sure you get the natural stuff that hasn’t been sweetened with sugar or flavouring and we’ll be licking our bowl or your spoon cleaner than you’ve ever seen it!

3. Blueberries

When kept in small doses (think 3-4 blueberries at a time, maximum) these beauties are full to the brim with antioxidants and a great little snack for us pups. We find these are great for training or learning a new trick as the humans can reward one with every Hi 5 or Roll Over we do. First time eating blueberries? Make sure your human has the camera out – sometimes they scare us and we make some good viral videos after our first blueberry encounter 😉

4. Natural Treats

There’s nothing easier than grabbing a treat out of a packet, but when that packet is full of all natural goodness, it’s even easier! Air dried or freeze dried treats are dehydrated raw meats and fish so that all the nutrients are left inside every packet, unlike cooked treats that lose all their natural goodness. Our favourite picks are anything from the Ziwi Peak range which you can pick up from our fave pet stores in small or big bags and if you tell them we sent you, they might even have a free sample pack for you to try!

5. Treat Mix Ice Blocks

If your humans have a little extra time up their sleeve to make your healthy dog snacks, we can definitely vouch for our absolute favourite – frozen ice blocks with a mixture of treats inside! Our humans cut up small pieces of carrot and include some blueberries and their favourite little freeze dried treats and place each piece into the ice tray. Rain, hail or shine – we will lick those ice blocks until the cows come home!

Got a favourite healthy dog snacks idea that we haven’t listed here? Let us know!

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  • my girl also loves eating capsicum..

    Cassandra Breed

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