The Easiest DIY Healthy Dog Treat for Warm Days

If the past year has taught us anything, it was how to make the most of things we already had in our pantry for dinners, snacks and doggo treats. Pandemic panic buying was in full force and here we were spending days on end with our furchildren, finding new ways to keep them entertained and happy, despite not being able to go on long adventures and beach trips. So we got a little creative and found one of our favourite ways to treat your doggo in the warmer weather. And the best part is, these super easy (and very cost effective!) DIY dog treats are a great time-filler to keep your pupperino entertained long enough for you to take some time for yourself!

Healthy Ice Block Full of Surprises

These ice blocks are not only made with delicious chicken stock to encourage licking, but include surprise vegetables for munching and a yummy dehydrated meat handle for cronching! 

You will Need:

- Organic Chicken Stock or bone broth (we used this concentrate, heavily watered down) but you can use any organic chicken stock that is free from MSG, sugar and preservatives. Where possible, choose a stock that has no added salt, palm oil or yeast extract for the most natural possible.

- 6x Frozen Peas

- Dehydrated Roo Rib, Bully Stick or Chicken Foot (or any other dehydrated meat or bone that will act as the handle for your treat)


1. Make the chicken stock according to the instructions on the packet. We watered ours down further by adding double the quantity of water suggested. Allow to cool slightly.

2. Pour cooled stock into a cup or mug and add frozen peas.

3. Freeze mug for 2 hours or until mushy but not yet frozen. Place your dehydrated roo rib (or other treat for the handle) in the middle and freeze for a further 1-2 hours or until completely frozen.

4. Remove the ice block from the mug by pulling on the handle and sliding out. You will find that the stock has made the ice slippery, so the block should slide out from the mug easily. If not, run the sides of the mug under warm water for a few seconds to loosen and remove. 

5. Find a nice spot outside and enjoy!


Let us know if you make these and if they go down a Treat! Pardon the pun!


  • We’re definitely getting mum to make these for us on the next hot day we have! Yummmmyyy!

  • Ohh this is such an some recipe. Perfect for the hot weather. Its easy to make as well

    Easther (Herecomwsyodapup Sudharta

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